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Previously, this site has been operated by ITS-LEIF(Ion Technology and Spectroscopy at Low Energy Ion Beam Facilities).In honor of ITS-LEIF, we introduce the activities and archives.

当サイトの前身は、ITS-LEIF"低エネルギーイオンビーム施設でのイオン技術と分光法"により運営されていました。 ITS-LEIFの活動に敬意を表し、その概要を下記に紹介します。cordis.europa.euによれば下記の通りです。

According to the source of;

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Ion Technology and Spectroscopy at Low Energy Ion Beam Facilities

The Integrated Infrastructure Initiative ITS LEIF offers a platform for interdisciplinary research with high-quality low-energy ion beams. It is initiated by the Infrastructure Co-operation Network LEIF funded within FP5. ITS LEIF will combine the effort of 5 research infrastructures in 5 EU countries. 17 contractors and 14 user groups from 18 EU member states and associated countries will participate. It fosters mutual exchange of personnel and instrumentation to counteract fragmentation in this important multidisciplinary field.

Research within ITS LEIF will mainly proceed at 5 infrastructures within a Transnational Access Activity, forming a Distributed European Facility. 4 Joint Research Activities (JRA1 - JRA4), which will improve and extend infrastructure performances by keeping their instrumentation at the cutting edge, will concentrate on the (i) development of sources and beams for complex ions, (ii) generation of low-energy, highly spatially and temporally resolved atomic ion beams, (iii) construction of electrostatic storage rings and traps, and (iv) production and characterisation of bio-molecular targets.

Such developed methods and instruments shall be jointly demonstrated in specific research fields (JRA5 and JRA6) where significant developments are expected:
(i) low-energy ion induced radiation damage in bio-molecular systems,
(ii) antimicrobial ion coating of medical devices and ion-impact enhanced chemical reactivity, and
(iii) low-energy ion induced nano-structuring of insulator surfaces and thin films.
Cooperation will be strengthened by four network activities which interrelate the different projects, guarantee efficient internal and external communication, develop fruitful collaborations, disseminate the obtained knowledge, and develop joint strategies for further progress and applications. Of particular importance in ITS LEIF will be the support, the integration and training of young scientists.


統合インフラストラクチャイニシアチブであるITS LEIFは、高品質で低エネルギーのイオンビームによる学際的な研究のためのプラットフォームを提供するものです。これは、FP5内で資金提供されたLEIFインフラストラクチャコラボレーションネットワークによって開始されました。ITS LEIFは、EU 5か国の5つの研究インフラストラクチャの取り組みを統合し、18のEU加盟国および関連国の17の請負業者と14のユーザーグループが参加しました。この重要な学際的分野における断片化を防止するために、人員と計装の相互交換が促進されました。 (後略)


ITS LEIF: Ion Technology and Spectroscopy at Low Energy Ion Beam Facilities

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